Terms and Conditions

General trading terms and conditions for Oasis Horticulture Ptd Lty trading as Oasis Horticulture are detailed below. They are provided for information purposes and are effective as of 2nd March 2022.

These policies have been established to provide a consistent and clear framework within which Oasis Horticulture will transact business with its customers. It outlines roles and responsibilities within the purchasing process, and provides a formal avenue for resolution of any issues that may arise.

Policy Changes or Updates:

Changes to these policies will be published via this web site, and as the current policy at time of purchase will apply, returning customers are required to check for updates upon each new purchase. We may modify or withdraw this policy at any time, by providing 7 days notice published via this web site.


"Oasis Horticulture / Us / We / Our" refers to Oasis Horticulture and any of its authorized employees. Contractors or third party associates are not covered by this classification.

"You / Customer / Client" refers to any person accepting services, free or paid, from Oasis Horticulture.

Conditions of Purchase:

In purchasing any product or service from Oasis Horticulture, you are deemed to have understood and agreed to the following conditions of purchase:

The information you provide us during the purchasing process must be true and accurate.

You must not misrepresent yourself in any way to Oasis Horticulture, this includes reporting a false billing address or using another person’s credit card without authorisation.

Australian customers must not misrepresent their location for the purposes of avoiding GST.

All purchases are processed in Australian dollars.

Australian customers will be charged an additional taxation rate of 10% GST.

You agree that the product or service purchased will not be used, either directly or indirectly, in support of any activity that is deemed illegal under Australian law.

The product will not be used in the direct or indirect support of any illegal organisation as defined by the Australian government.

You have read, understood and agree to abide by the 'Oasis Horticulture Trading Terms & Conditions' as described at time of purchase.

While Oasis Horticulture will retain your access details or product information securely, you are ultimately responsible for the storage and preservation of this information.

Customers are responsible for their own additional tax obligations in relation to the purchase.

Invoiced products should be paid within 7 days from invoice. Unpaid balances beyond 30 days may attract a percentage based late payment fee, compounded and payable monthly, of the total outstanding balance in Australian dollars. The customer agrees to pay this fee should it be applied. Unpaid balances beyond 45 days may be subject to immediate termination of services and/or legal action. The customer agrees that Oasis Horticulture is not liable for any costs associated with services terminations in the event of unpaid invoices.

If purchasing a product or service that involves Oasis Horticulture providing you with an ongoing line of credit, or in arrears facility of any type, a formal credit check may be required.

Customer disputed transactions raised against Oasis Horticulture that are proven to be valid purchases may incur a charge equal to our expenses in resolving the issue. If during the process of resolving an invalid transaction dispute penalties or legal costs are incurred by Oasis Horticulture, we may hand these costs onto the customer for payment. In this case the customer agrees to pay these expenses (in full) within 30 days from the date the penalty fees are applied.

General Discounts:

General discounts may be applied for volume purchases or at the discretion of Oasis Horticulture. Discount information will be displayed individually on a per product basis. Current available discounts do not imply a permanent discount on the product and may be revoked at any time without notice.

Termination of services:

All requests for service terminations must be either of the following:


Email but with return email confirmation by a Oasis Horticulture representative

Entry into the Oasis Horticulture case system (either by you or an Oasis Horticulture representative)

Verbal termination requests are not acceptable. In the event of a disputed termination Oasis Horticulture will request a written copy of the termination letter or email with confirmation from Oasis Horticulture that it has been received. You agree to give Oasis Horticulture 1 months notice for all terminations.

Dispute Resolution Procedure:

We prefer to keep our dispute and complaints handling policy as simple as possible. We operate on the principle of honesty and fairness. Our focus when dealing with disputes or complaints is on producing a result that will satisfy all concerned.

If you have a complaint, you will be refreshed by our willingness to work the issue through to a reasonable conclusion. All we ask is that you remain fair and objective yourself, and we will work to resolve the issue until you are satisfied.

Price Variation & Currency:

All purchases are billed in Australian dollars and the customer is responsible for any currency exchange or taxation implication this may have upon them. Oasis Horticulture may vary pricing at any time without liability, but as a standard policy notification of pricing changes will be clearly displayed on this web site.

Online Services Liability:

Oasis Horticulture will make every reasonable effort to ensure quality and security in the delivery of its online services. This involves the regular review and auditing of our handling and distribution processes. Additionally, we will ensure that security methods are as comprehensive and controlled as reasonably possible. There are, however, some circumstances under which Oasis Horticulture cannot extend this control. In such cases the customer agrees to hold Oasis Horticulture and its representative immune to any liability or damage that may arise. These circumstances include:

A deliberate and successful attack upon Oasis Horticulture security or data storage facilities resulting in data loss, partial corruption, electronic virus transmission through our systems or exposure of customer information.

An illegal or malicious act that results in data loss, electronic virus transmission through our systems or exposure of customer information.

Any accident outside Oasis Horticulture's reasonable control that results in data loss, electronic virus transmission through our systems or exposure of customer information.

Any act of war, act of terrorism, civil disturbance, natural event or legal enforcement that negatively impacts customers dealings with Oasis Horticulture.

Third party negligence that results in data loss, electronic virus transmission through our systems or exposure of customer information.

Any violation of a customer’s privately held third party contracts or agreements.

Any uncontrollable system failure that results in data loss, electronic virus transmission through our systems or exposure of customer information.

Any act that through dealing with the customer unknowingly associates Oasis Horticulture with an illegal outcome, as defined under current Australian law.

Oasis Horticulture will test and review all developments to ensure the highest possible standard of quality control. We will take every reasonable effort to ensure the product you receive is the one that matches your requirements.

Disclaimers & Third Party Policy:

Any Oasis Horticulture specified warranties, disclaimers or third party policies associated with your purchase are deemed to be in effect at all times. In the event a third party policy appears to contradict an Oasis Horticulture policy, you must not make assumptions about the policy intention or which condition has supremacy. In this case you must contact Oasis Horticulture for clarification.

You agree to abide by these at all times. You agree to hold Oasis Horticulture immune to any liability or damage you may suffer from third party policy, negligence or action.

Protection of Intellectual Property:

You agree not to reproduce, copy, imitate, distribute or on sell any information/images/data/concepts/products contained on this site or in any Oasis Horticulture supplied collateral.

Web site design often requires stock images from a third party library. You agree to hold Oasis Horticulture immune to any liability for the incorrect use of these images.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions concerning this policy please contact us.